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Frequently Asked Questions

Lesson details

Lessons are at home, which then means your teacher will travel to you. Also, the travel fee is included in the cost.
Our teachers live in London and some also live in the surrounding area. We therefore tutor across London and all its boroughs. Contact us if you are not in this area because we may be able to arrange a tutor.
This may be possible as a result of being unable to learn from home. However, your teacher may be unable to teach from home for various reasons. We encourage you to then talk with Teach Tutti before booking a lesson. Additionally, you can contact your teacher directly from their profile page.

The first lesson matches your availability because it is is booked using the teacher’s calendar. Go to your teacher’s profile page, which will then let you “Book a taster lesson”. You will then be shown the teacher’s availability for a first lesson.

If you want to change your weekly lesson date for regular tuition, you can then talk with your teacher. You can also ask Teach Tutti and we will talk with your teacher.

More info

Pricing depends on your lesson length and therefore shorter lessons are cheaper:

  • 30 minutes – £25
  • 45 minutes – £32
  • 60 minutes – £40

The first lesson is also discounted and includes a guaranteed refund. This is offered because we’re very confident in our teacher’s abilities:

  • 30 minutes – £20
  • 45 minutes – £27
  • 60 minutes – £35
We can guarantee our teacher’s credentials because of documentation given in registration. Every teacher has a minimum of grade 8 on their instrument and furthermore most have studied at a conservatoire. Teachers also provide student testimonials during registration. Teach Tutti then validate these references.
Students are encouraged to decide their own aims because it helps direct their education. Some take exams because structures their education. Additionally, others learn for fun.

You need to sign up to a direct debit to book the first lesson. We will then take payment with this direct debit on the day of the lesson. The first lesson includes a guaranteed refund.

Additionally, after the first lesson payment is made, home music lessons continue in a four lesson block. Lessons aren’t weekly and can then be taken at any time. As a result, you won’t lose lessons if you go away on holiday.

What students think of our teachers

I’ve always enjoyed singing and therefore wanted to share this passion with my 3 year old son. Katy comes into our lives every Saturday morning and we both appreciate her home music lessons because of Katy’s enthusiasm, passion for music, humour and her natural generosity of spirit. We never cease to be impressed because of how much thought and consideration she puts into planning each lesson, which is individually catered for us. Finally, I just want to say thank you Katy!Helen Salin | Parent & student learning with Katy H