Frequently Asked Questions

Pricing depends on the lesson type. A group lesson lasts 30 minutes and costs £6.50. Individual lessons can be 20 minutes (£13) or 30 minutes (£18.50).

Parents pay once a term for a 10 lesson block. These 10 lessons are provided by the visiting teacher during the term.

Teach Tutti provide school tuition on the guitar, piano, recorder, singing, and violin.

Lessons on other instruments can be arranged if there is enough demand. Tuition will not begin on an instrument until there are at least 3 lessons confirmed.

A direct debit is needed to pay for school lessons. Parents must arrange an online direct debit with GoCardless. This is used for all lesson payments.
There are four students in a group. They will be the same musical standard and are expected to progress at the same rate. If a student if significantly ahead or behind the group, the parents will be asked to increase practice or the student will be moved to a more advanced group respectively.
Yes. The teacher will tell the parents what to buy. Typically, this music can be purchased online, such as with Amazon.
Yes. An instrument will always be needed for school lessons, except singing and piano. The student will not be able to use the teacher’s instrument. Furthermore, an instrument is needed to practice between lessons.
Please give your child a notepad to bring to lessons. The teacher will use this to write homework, which will match the amount of practice expected per week.

When at primary school, it is most important for students to practice frequently rather than for long periods. 5-10 minutes practice daily is fine unless the teacher has said otherwise.

There are set instrumental teachers for each school who can be seen in the online directory. When lessons are confirmed, we will say who your teacher is and the link to their profile page. Every teacher is qualified and has an enhanced safety check.
Teach Tutti provide music lessons at primary schools throughout London. We do not currently teach at secondary schools.

To find out if your school is covered, please make an enquiry. If not, Teach Tutti will contact the school to discuss music tuition.

Yes. Parents can arrange home tuition alongside lessons at school. Some choose this option to continue lessons during the school holidays. If you are interested, please contact Teach Tutti.
Please contact the teacher as early as possible to cancel a lesson. If you need to cancel on the day of the lesson, tell the school receptionist who will pass the message on.

If the teacher is not told about this cancellation, the lesson will be deducted from your 10 lesson block.

There are a wide range of exams student can complete on their instrument. These include Trinity and ABRSM. We encourage students to take exams, which help to structure lessons and are a good guide to progress. Our teachers are happy to prepare students for exams.

Teach Tutti will not pay for exam fees and parents are expected to enter their child privately. If you need any advice, please get in touch.

After registration, you will be told when the music teacher attends the school each week. The teacher will contact you if they ever need to change day.

The lesson will take place during the school day. It is most likely that it will happen during class, though it may also take place at break-time. It is important that the student arrives at and leaves their lesson promptly.

Lessons may not happen one week for reasons including a school trip. If this happens, the teacher will either increase the length of following lessons or add an extra lesson later in the term. The student will always receive 10 lessons per term.