Learn music at school

1. Get in touch

  • Enquiry

    Contact Teach Tutti to arrange school music lessons. If you can’t see your school on the list, please give details. We will then get in touch with the school to arrange tution.

  • Waiting list

    You may be placed on a waiting list for instrumental lessons at your school. If you want to have group lessons, we first need to create this group of four students.

  • Space available

    When lessons can begin, Teach Tutti will get in touch with you straight away. Lessons can start during term if needed.

2. Confirm music lessons

  • Direct debit

    To confirm music lessons, you first need a direct debit with Teach Tutti. You can register online using
    . All lesson payments are made by direct debit.

3. Lessons begin

  • 10 lesson block

    When the direct debit is created, Teach Tutti will bill you for a 10 lesson block at the beginning of term. These lessons will all be completed and the block will renew the following school term. If term is underway, we will adjust your first block accordingly.

  • Teacher

    Teacher details will be sent to you, including contact information. Your teacher will tell you what day they teach at your school and any other relevant information, such as music to buy. Lessons will then begin on a weekly basis.

  • Support

    Teach Tutti will provide ongoing support alongside music lessons. If you have any questions, please contact
    and we’ll be happy to help. At the end of each term, we will send you a student report from your teacher on the progress your child has made.