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Westminster, London
Sabina is a pianist who will be undertaking a Professional Diploma Degree at the Royal Academy of Music in 2016. She has experience teaching piano, violin, and viola.
Teaching experience
I aim to create a fun, motivational, and nurturing experience whether the student is taking up music as a hobby or pursuing a music career. Learning music sparks creativity and intellectual curiosity, encourages artistic expression, independent thought, and instils discipline, patience, and perseverance. I aim to be a teacher who can instil these qualities and enable students to transfer these attributes into various aspects of their life.

I believe that every child is different and requires a certain curriculum and environment, such as students who want to undertake graded examinations or those that prefer to learn music as an extra-curricular activity. I am an organised teacher who can keep young students motivated and prepared for important performances and exams.

I believe it is beneficial to explore a student\'s interest in various kinds of music. As well as incorporating the fundamental theory and technical exercises, I like to balance my teaching by incorporating music that my students are interested in, even if it may not be classical music.
  • BA in Piano Performance - Singapore National University
  • Written by: Rustem Hayroudinoff
    I have known Sabina for a few years as her piano teacher myself. I have been able to form my opinion of her as someone who is 100% dedicated to her work and very passionate about piano playing and music in general. As well as having musical intelligence and an inquisitive mind, Sabina is very articulate in communicating her ideas, which essential for any tutor. Sabina is an aspiring, gifted young pianist and works very hard to achieve her artistic goals. She is a very friendly person and easy to get along with. I have high regard for her integrity as a person. I have no doubt that she will be a great addition to Teach Tutti. I have no hesitation in recommending her to you most warmly.
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